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Enjoyable instruction. Positive results.

Welcome to Go Dog! Training where you can expect next-level, instruction from highly experienced staff. We will work together as a team to strengthen your dog-owner relationship, build confidence and train your pup in a fun and engaging way to create positive results. Every time.    

Meet Phyllis 

Educated at the world-renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, Phyllis has been serving dogs and their families for more than 13 years in the western suburbs of Chicago and beyond.


All of Go Dog's services are centered around strengthening the canine-human bond. Utilizing positive reinforcement training techniques, we'll increase your dog’s willingness to work and reduce stress for everyone. 


What Clients Say About Go Dog!

“I love that Phyllis uses positive methods that are considerate and respectful of both the family and dog. Phyllis has also owned breeds such as Jack Russel terriers and German shepherd dogs that required a lot of special attention from the owner beyond a lap dog or easy going breed, which makes for even a better dog trainer!”

Amber W.

My pit border Collie mix, lily mae, loved working with Phyllis! She learned all sorts of new tricks including some agility. After the first lesson lily was a changed dog and actually listened to people guess clicker training just clicked for her lol! It's nice cuz shell meet you where ever to work so it's easier on you and the dog and her prices are extremely reasonable! I'd recommend her, and have, to anyone looking for a trainer!


"We adopted a 5 year old husky/shepherd mix and had some issues with her behavior. Phyllis recommended some great ideas over the phone even before our first meeting. We implemented them and saw a difference immediately. Phyllis truly customizes her training to the needs of the dog and the family. She obviously loves what she's doing and is very devoted to helping her clients achieve success with overcoming problem areas or just find new ways to have fun with their dog. We're very fortunate to have found Phyllis right after we moved to a new home and were having trouble with our dog getting out and running away. The fact that she's adopted made it extra difficult to know how to handle her properly. Phyllis helped us bond and trust each other so much more than we were doing on our own. We are so grateful for the peace of being able to open a door without worrying the dog will bolt. Phyllis is excellent with understanding what makes dogs (and humans) tick! Those attributes make her a great trainer to work with; we highly recommend her!

Jill W.


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